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Recitals, Lectures and Workshops

Lecture-Recital: Beyond the Spiritual: Highlighting Arts Songs of Twentieth Century African-American Women Composers.

Lecture-Recital: From Old Creole Days: Sampling the Afro-Creole Folk Song of Louisiana of the Late Nineteenth through the Mid-Twentieth Centuries.

Lecture-Recital: The Infusion and Relevance of African-American Elements in the Art Songs and Operas of Twentieth Century African-American Composers.

Lecture-Recital: Incorporating Classical Sacred Forms, Such as the Oratorio, in the Contemporary Worship Service.

Lecture: History of the Opera/South Company of Jackson and Its Relevance and Importance to the Cultural Enrichment of the Surrounding Communities in the 21st Century.

Workshop: Preparing for Auditions and Competitions in the 21st Century.

Workshop: How to Develop, Nurture and Protect Your Vocal Gift.